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Working at NTT Com Managed Services

Our Philosophy

We are committed to innovation and quality of service. To achieve these we need to continuously develop and improve. Which is why, with our inquiring minds, we never stand still at NTT Com MS. We aren’t afraid to question how the world works. We are here, after all, to help shape its future. Our accomplishments are dependent on the diverse skills, experiences and inspired minds of our employees. We look to create an environment that can truly meet the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base. To achieve this we welcome difference, thrive on challenges and pursue excellence. We demonstrate leadership in everything we do.

Strong Shared Values

Ownership, leadership, team work, understanding, and respect are fundamental to the way we work. They are at the very heart of how we do business with our customers, our partners …and with each other. To achieve this we believe in individuality and fostering collaboration. Diversity also has a big role to play in our company strategy.

We are fully committed to being an inclusive employer. At NTT Com MS, we aim to provide a positive, inclusive working environment where people are valued for the skills and experience that they bring to work. We aim to be representative of the society and customers that we serve. All employees deserve and should expect, to be treated with respect for who they are and what they do. This treatment should be consistent and inclusive. Inclusivity means not excluding people on the grounds of their age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, and pregnancy and maternity, or any other irrelevant attribute. Not everyone can be a leader, but everyone can have an idea – and your rightful place in shaping our future.

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Work With The Latest Technologies

Our engineers get to train on and work with the very latest technologies as they are released (and sometimes before!). Your skill set grows alongside technological developments, so you will never be behind the curve. Also, our global client base are always eagerly looking to deploy innovative digital technologies to meet new challenges. Meaning that you get to work in a dynamic environment where we are continuously testing and implementing new solutions that are quite literally changing the IT world.

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We Demonstrate Leadership

Through effective leadership, we have the opportunity to create an empowered business ecosystem that is leading edge, trusted, responsible and responsive. We help our customers transform, meet – and exceed their strategic business goals.  Our accomplishments are dependent on the diverse skills, experiences and inspired minds of our employees. Our senior team has positioned NTT Communications as a major player in the global managed IT services market and continue to drive customer satisfaction and growth through exceptional leadership skills and industry insight.

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We reserve the right to carry out background security checks on all successful applicants.

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